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Steps To Get Registered


Submit Information

Submit the required information & documents for the application.


Tele-Verification & Payment

We submit your application after payment & verifying your documents.


Registration complete

Your Partnership Firm registration is complete.

A Partner's rights in Partnership Firm:

  • To take part in the business.
  • To share the profit or loss of the business.
  • To inspect and make copies of the books of the firm.
  • To receive remuneration for taking part in the business if specified in the partnership deed.
  • To receive interest on capital if specified in the partnership deed.

Documents Required

Following documents are required for proposed Designated Partner/ Partner:

  • Two Color Passport Size Photographs
  • Proof of Identity – Pan Card Copy (Self Attested)
  • Proof of Residence – Self Attested Copy of Aadhar Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Voters ID/ Electricity Bill (Any One)

Proof of Registered Office Address of the Company – Latest copy of Electricity Bill/ Phone Bill/ Gas Bill

Frequently Asked Questions

Three elements are necessary to form a partnership:

  1. There must be an agreement between two or more persons.
  2. The agreement must be to share the profits of the business.
  3. All partners together, or any one, on behalf of the others must carry on the business.

No, a minor cannot become a partner. However, your minor son can be admitted to the benefits of the partnership firm. He can share the profits of the partnership business with the consent of the other partners. He can also access, inspect and copy the accounts of the firm. Though the minor is not personally liable for the losses of the firm, his share in the partnership business is liable for the losses incurred.

A HUF is not a legal person and so cannot enter into partnership with either an individual or another HUF.

A partnership firm cannot become a partner of another firm because it is not a legal person. However the partners may be partners in another firm in their individual capacity

Partners must be major (above the age of 18), should be sane and should not be disqualified by law from entering into a contract.

Yes, a partner can transfer his interest in the business to an outsider, but only with the consent of all other partners.

The Karta or the manager of a Hindu Undivided Family can become a partner of a firm in his individual capacity. The Karta will be treated as the representative of the Hindu Undivided Family by the partnership firm.

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